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Monthly Archives: November 2017

How Getting Remarried Affects Spousal Maintenance in New York

When a couple is seeking a divorce in New York, one thing that may be part of a final divorce settlement is an order for alimony, also called spousal support or spousal maintenance. Designed to help a financially dependent spouse in a marriage support themselves when the marriage is terminated, spousal maintenance may be awarded…
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Requirements for Divorce in New York

Couples who are ready to end their marriage surely wish that moving out and moving on was all it took. However, in the eyes of a law, a marriage is not legally terminated until a couple goes through an official proceeding for dissolving their marriage. If you are considering filing for divorce in New York,…
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Tips for Sharing Custody Over the Holidays for Divorced Parents

Divorced parents with children will tell you that one of the hardest times of the year is the holiday season. Indeed, not only do the months of November and December often mean the first time spending holidays as a divorced person--which can be emotional in itself--but it can also mean disagreements regarding with whom a…
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