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3 Tips To Win An Appeal When SSD Has Been Denied

Based on the most recent statistics released by the Social Security Administration, the award rate for Social Security applicants has gone down year after year -- to the point that just over a third of those who applied were awarded benefits in 2010. It has already taken months and you just found out your application for Social Security Disability has been denied by the local office. You are in a vulnerable position. You have no income. You are sick or in pain. You paid Social Security taxes for years and now that you need some help, you have been denied. Your patience is running thin. What can you do now? This is a critical time for you and your effort to get the Social Security benefits you deserve. Keep the following 3 tips in mind to maximize your chances of approval.

#1 Do Not Delay

The first tip is to remember that time is of the essence. There is only a certain amount of time to file your first appeal (called a “reconsideration”). Failure to meet this deadline could potentially keep you from being able to file an appeal. At best, missing this deadline would cause further delay by forcing you to file a new application. At worst, it could forever bar you from receiving Social Security Disability benefits.

#2 Continue Medical Treatment

It is easy to get frustrated and stop going to your medical appointments. This is a terrible mistake when it comes to trying to get Social Security Disability. The best evidence in your case is the medical evidence. The Social Security Administration will put more weight on your doctor’s opinions than it will your own testimony. Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain good relationships with your medical providers and that you not miss any appointments.

#3 Seek Legal Assistance

You have a good idea by now how complicated the Social Security Disability application process is. There are forms to be signed, appointments to be attended, and records to be collected and submitted. With all the stresses and health issues you have going on, it is almost too much. Why not get some help? By hiring a law firm, you will take much of this administrative stress off yourself. And by hiring a firm with years of Social Security Disability experience, you will greatly increase your chances that the Social Security Administration will make the right decision. Do not delay, if you have any questions about your Social Security Disability denial.

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