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New Yorkers Should Be Thinking About Tax Season and Alimony And Spousal Maintenance

New Yorkers who got divorced in 2019 or had their divorce finalized in 2020 will view tax season differently this year. Indeed, a recent report in USA Today emphasizes that anyone who paid or received alimony and/or spousal maintenance should be prepared. Quote Wizard recently released data showing that divorce rates rose in New York…
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New York’s “Nastiest” Divorce Demonstrates the Importance of a Prenuptial Agreement

Although their case was only filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, in September 2018; sparks are already flying between spouses in a high profile, high asset divorce. New York media is calling the proceedings between David and Libbie Mugrabi the “nastiest” divorce in recent memory. Resulting in accusations of adultery, domestic abuse, theft, and other misappropriation…
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Spousal Maintenance During and After Divorce

In New York there are two types of spousal maintenance or support: temporary maintenance (or “Pendente Lite”), and post-divorce maintenance Temporary Maintenance Temporary maintenance provides support to spouses with the immediate and reasonable means to maintain a standard of living the same as or similar to the lifestyle they had when married. Temporary maintenance provides…
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