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Child Custody Laws in New York

Child Custody Laws in New York Wondering about cild custody laws in New York? When divorcing parents in New York both petition for custody of their children, family law judges consider the best interests of the child before making their decision. In most cases, this is for children to maintain a close relationship with both…
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Can’t Agree On Anything Except Separating?

While a couple may know whether their marriage is working or not, the path towards reconciliation or separation is not always so obvious. Many couples feel they’re not ready to divorce though they feel they shouldn’t be living together as they figure out the next step. Often times, that is when a separation agreement is necessary.…
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What Can Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Learn From A Divorce Lawyer?

You never enter a marriage thinking it will end, but the statistics are nearly 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. With statistics like this, and if you own your own business or are thinking of starting a business, it might be a great idea to consider steps you can take…
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Benefits Of A Legal Separation

Jack and Diane were going through a difficult time during their marriage and thought it would be best if they separated, but they didn’t want to go the route of a traditional divorce. They wanted to be able to maintain the status of their marriage and retain their benefits. They were able to do this…
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