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Child Support in Syracuse New York

Most are aware that about half of all first marriages end in a divorce.

What many may not realize is that the statistics get even higher in second and third marriages. In second marriages, the divorce rate climbs to 67%, and steps up again in third marriages to about 74%. Some speculate the reason for the climb in rates is that once a person goes through a first divorce, they soon realize they can survive it again. Whether that is fact or speculation, we can't say. What we can tell you is that while going through a divorce is rarely easy, you will survive. Especially if you have experienced, caring representation at your side.

The sad fact is that many may be staying in an unhappy or unsatisfying marriage because they fear the unknown path ahead. The thought of going through a divorce seems insurmountable, especially if there are younger children involved. They can't imagine being alone, dating again, or the potential of losing contact with friends or family members. When you add in financial concerns, it is easy to see why the decision to divorce is so difficult.

Family Lawyer Richard Bombardo has litigated family cases for 25 years.

He specializes in family law, handling everything from separation agreements and divorces to child visitations, custody, and child support issues. Perhaps, most importantly, he knows that divorces and family issues can be lonely journeys and clients want to be able to contact their attorney when needed. His clients have access to contact him through his personal cell phone, and if he is not available, he makes a commitment to return calls ASAP. This can be very assuring through what can be a difficult process.

If you are considering divorce, you can have a discrete discussion with Richard J. Bombardo by contacting his office today at (315) 488-5544.

You can also contact his office through their online form. While his offices are open and operating, the office offers in-person consultations subject to social distancing requirements and now offers telephone or video consultations due to COVID-19.

The fact is, divorce can be challenging and the road rocky. But you should also know that you can get through it. It starts by reaching out to Syracuse Family Lawyer Richard J. Bombardo.


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