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How the Child Support System Fails the Poor

The child support system is the way courts make certain that fathers are contributing to the welfare of their children. It steps in following a divorce, and it can step in if a child is born out of wedlock and the father tries not to have a part to play in the family he has created. In both circumstances, the goal is to lessen the burden on the single mothers, and make life a bit easier for the children.

However, child support obligations can be a serious obstacle for those non-custodial parents who are barely able to make enough to live on their own.

The Child Support System Leaves the Poor Behind

A serious problem, in both New York and elsewhere in the U.S., is that non-payment of child support can lead to the ironic consequences of stiff fines, and even jail time which can prevent someone from holding the firm job necessary to make their payments.

Many of the country’s poorest find themselves in the Catch-22 situation of either not being able to afford their child support payments, or risking serious – and even more costly – legal trouble if caught in non-payment.

The Innovative Ways That States Hurt Those Who Do Not Pay Child Support

Fueled by the idea of a “deadbeat dad,” enjoying a luxurious lifestyle while letting his children live in poverty, laws have been passed in New York and elsewhere that penalize the non-payment of child support in new and creative ways. Unfortunately, many of these laws are misguided, and actually prevent people from being able to pay their child support obligations by throwing roadblocks in the way of them keeping a steady job.

In New York, for example, one of the things that can happen to people who do not pay their child support obligation for a period of four months is their driver’s license gets suspended. Without a driver’s license, it can become substantially more difficult, or even impossible, to get to work and back. This can lead to losing the job that was providing the only income that could have made it possible to meet a child support obligation.

The Family Law Attorneys at Bombardo Law Can Help

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