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No-Fault Divorce in Syracuse

Discreet, cost-effective procedure for dissolving your marriage

In 2010, the state of New York adopted "no-fault divorce". In order to qualify, a couple must be legally separated and living apart for one year. No-fault divorce has several advantages. It's discreet, because the petitioner is not required to allege grounds such as, infidelity or cruelty. Which could be damaging to the respondent's reputation. It's also relatively quick and cost-effective, since the court generally accepts the legal separation agreement as the basis for its divorce order. A Syracuse divorce lawyer can help you with the details and explain the legal requirements. The Bombardo Law Office, P.C. assists couples in qualifying and filing for a New York no-fault divorce.

Transitioning from legal separation to final divorce

Couples choose legal separation over divorce for several possible reasons. Some couples have religious objections to divorce while others are concerned about practical consequences. For example, the loss of coverage from their spouse's health insurance. Still other couples need time to decide if divorce is necessary or desirable. (For additional information, see my Legal Separation page.) Over time, many separated couples decide it's time to finalize a divorce. For them, no-fault divorce provides an efficient solution.

Amending your legal separation agreement prior to no-fault divorce

In a no-fault divorce, the court gives deference to the legal separation agreement that the couple has been living with for the past year. Rather than re-invent the wheel, a judge prefers to approve those terms for the final divorce. Unfortunately, many people enter into hasty separation agreements, figuring they can live with the terms for the time being. If your gritting your teeth over certain terms of your separation agreement that you find unfair or oppressive, you need to get them changed.

Rely on a knowledgeable Syracuse divorce lawyer for dependable legal help

Through dependable legal help from an experienced divorce lawyer in Syracuse, you can prepare a well-thought-out separation agreement from the outset. You can also change an agreement’s terms when the time comes to file for a New York no-fault divorce. Discuss your concerns in a free consultation. For nearly two decades I have offered personalized legal services as a Syracuse divorce lawyer. Call 315.488.5544 or contact the Bombardo Law Office, P.C. online. After hours or weekend consultations are available by appointment and under certain circumstances I can provide clients with flexible payment options.

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