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The Bombardo Law Office, P.C. has extensive experience in helping clients with separation agreements. A separation agreement between spouses stipulates to the failure of their marriage and allows both parties to state their preferences regarding children, spousal support, assets, and debts. Both parties must be willing to negotiate a settlement in order for a separation agreement to be a feasible option. There are considerable financial and emotional benefits when both parties are willing to work out an agreement without court intervention.

Issues covered by separation agreements

A separation agreement encompasses a variety of issues. It allows both parties to live separate and apart without interference from the other, as if unmarried. In a separation agreement, the parties usually waive their rights to each other's estate to which they would otherwise be entitled. There is a disclosure of all financial information for each of the parties, so that a fair and reasonable distribution of all assets can be made, just as there is in a divorce action. A Syracuse divorce attorney can draft an agreement for those issues the parties do agree upon, even if other issues remain that cannot be agreed upon. Each issue agreed upon and approved by a court avoids the need for litigation of that issue. By limiting issues that require litigation; a Syracuse divorce lawyer can lessen couples’ emotional distress and help them save legal fee expenses.

  • The parties may work out the issue of custody and visitation so that an agreement on that issue can be submitted to the court and made into a court order.
  • "Opting-out stipulations" can be reached during any part of a divorce action, enabling the parties to work out a settlement in the middle of a divorce action.
    • This type of agreement incorporates everything that would be in a separation agreement with the exception of a waiver of estate rights and the right to live separate and apart.
  • Separation agreements can be challenged, and there are mechanisms to get a court to modify them.

Suing for separation in Syracuse, NY

Through the help of a Syracuse divorce lawyer, you can sue for separation as an alternative to suing for divorce. This is a viable course of action in the following circumstances:

  • Your spouse is unwilling to work out a settlement
  • You do not wish to sue for divorce at this time
  • There are grounds for separation, similar to the grounds for divorce

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