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A Syracuse Spousal Maintenance Attorney

Fair support payments during periods of transition

If you are anticipating dissolving your marriage and wondering how to manage household expenses during this difficult process, the Bombardo Law Office, P.C. can help. I have 20 years of experience as a Syracuse divorce lawyer negotiating and litigating financial disputes between couples. If you are a dependent spouse, I can assure you that you need not wait until your divorce is finalized to start to receive regular payments to help make ends meet. But, you must formally request payments from the court.

Syracuse divorce lawyers can thoroughly explain spousal maintenance

In New York State, those still legally married but in the process of separating or divorcing can obtain spousal maintenance rather than alimony. There's no reason why a dependent spouse shouldn't pursue maintenance payments. It’s fair, and the supportive spouse benefits by receiving a tax deduction for this financial assistance. I can fully explain the obligations and benefits when I meet with you personally.

The purpose of spousal maintenance in New York

Maintenance is designed to be rehabilitative, meaning that it will normally be of limited duration to allow the recipient spouse the opportunity to become self-supporting. However, in long-term marriages, the court has the authority to award maintenance lasting until the death or remarriage of the recipient spouse in limited circumstances. This area of law is quite complex because there are 12 factors the court must consider when making an award of maintenance. I often guide maintenance petitioners through this complex process. I'm happy to provide in-depth counsel to you so that we can resolve your financial problems, and you can gain peace of mind.

For personalized legal help with maintenance, contact a Syracuse divorce lawyer

For close to two decades I have assisted clients as a divorce attorney in Syracuse and often work with clients to determine spousal maintenance. I’m happy to answer your questions about New York spousal maintenance in a free consultation. Call 315.488.5544 or contact the Bombardo Law Office, P.C. online. If weekdays are inconvenient, we can arrange appointments for after hours or on the weekend. Depending on your circumstances, flexible payment options may be available.

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