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Syracuse Fathers’ Rights Lawyer

There is a common misconception that fathers are less interested in contributing to their family than mothers are. All too often, this is untrue – many fathers care deeply for the development of their children and caring for them as they grow up, and are willing to make personal sacrifices in order to make that happen, including taking on more in the way of child custody. Evidence also shows that fathers play an important role in a child’s early development, including their future behavior.

Unfortunately, the legal system has yet to catch up to this fact. In the field of family law, there is a general assumption that the mother will be the one who will provide most of the care for a divorced couple's children, and that the father will merely be there for financial support. In a cruel twist of fate, this not only strips the father from having the meaningful role in his children's lives that he wants but can also put extra strain on a mother who suddenly finds herself needing to return to the workplace.

Fathers’ Rights

As a child's father, you have a right to a role in your child's life. If your paternity has been established, then your rights and responsibilities as a father to your child attach, as well. These include your right to custody and to visitation privileges. However, just because you have these rights does not mean that you will not have to fight to exercise them, in court.

Interests of the Child Drive the Conversation

Even though fathers have rights to be with their children, family law courts in the state of New York look first and foremost to the interests of the child to determine which parent will be granted which type of custody, and how frequently visits can be made by the non-custodial parent. Unfortunately, the misconception that mothers are going to care more for their children than fathers will still persists in this area of the law.

Joint Custody is Rare

Because of this misconception, New York only allows joint custody – the legal set up that gives both parents an equal say in how to raise their child – when both a child's mother and father agree to it.

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