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When one parent is granted sole physical custody, the noncustodial parent is permitted to seek an order of visitation to maintain "frequent and meaningful" contact with the child or children. Many visitation schedules consist of visits every second weekend and every second holiday. If the parents live near each other, one night of visitation in the middle of the week may also be granted to the noncustodial parent. The court usually grants the noncustodial parent overnight visitation unless the parent does not have a safe place for the child to stay. By working with a Syracuse New York divorce lawyer, you acquire an advocate to help you work out what is best for your child.

Visitation versus custody for "breadwinner" parents

It's not unusual for one parent in a marriage to take on the role of primary breadwinner and devote long hours to a career. While that parent sacrifices family time, he or she has the satisfaction of seeing the children in a safe, comfortable home with plenty of food on the table. When divorce comes, the breadwinner may feel cheated and seek to establish custody. While some breadwinners are able to make the transition to joint-custodial parent, others encounter difficulty on the job and at home, to the detriment of both. After 20 years as a Syracuse divorce lawyer, I know something about how people react and how they adjust to circumstances. Sometimes the changes forced by assuming joint custody bring added personal rewards, but sometimes visitation is more practical and beneficial. I work closely with you to identify your goals and as a Syracuse divorce attorney, I can help you achieve those that are practical for your life.

Sanctions for interference with visitation rights

If the custodial parent refuses to permit court-ordered visitation, the court could sanction that parent. It's possible that the custody order could be changed. If your ex-spouse is interfering with your right to see your children, I can help you appeal to the court for help with custody and visitation issues.

Choose an experienced Syracuse visitation rights lawyer as your advocate

Because the outcome of child custody determines the time you and your child can spend together, you need a seasoned Syracuse divorce lawyer on your side. The Bombardo Law Office, P.C. brings 20 years of family law experience to every case we handle. For a free consultation, call 315.488.5544 or contact us online. Most clients arrange weekday appointments. However, we can schedule after hours or weekend appointments if necessary. We also can discuss whether you qualify for our flexible fee payment option.

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