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Fathers Have Equal Rights in Syracuse

Fathers Have Equal Rights in Syracuse

If your only experience with divorce is that of your parents or a relative, it may be easy to develop some misperceptions about the process. The divorce and child custody process, after all, has changed through the years. For example, one of the biggest misconceptions is that in a divorce when children are involved. Many still believe that mothers are given preference in such circumstances. But fathers have equal rights in Syracuse. Father's Have Equal Rights in Syracuse  | Bombardo Law Office

The Reality of It

The reality is while a parent is given preference over a non-parent when a mother and father are involved, neither parent is given preference in New York. Family courts in the state are charged with acting in the best interests of the child. In fact, in matters regarding custody, the courts view access as not a right of the mother or father, but a right of the child.

This means a father can get full custody of a child in New York. If he can show it is in the best interest of the child. This is where the representation of an attorney experienced in Family Law is so critical. This is true whether you are a father or a mother.

Your Best Interest

If you are a father, you want representation that works in your best interests. You should seek out an attorney with a record of success in representing fathers and in assuring their equal rights are protected. In Syracuse, that firm is Bombardo Law Office, P.C.

Richard Bombardo has been handling divorce and family law cases in the State of New York for 27 years. He has built his practice on accessibility and in staying in contact with his clients. Each client receives his attention and access to his personal cell phone number. This is critical for clients, who may otherwise be left wondering where their case stands. That simply will not be an issue with Richard Bombardo.

If you are a father considering divorce, or perhaps are experiencing parental alienation following a divorce, we invite you to contact the Bombardo Law Office. Your initial consultation to discuss your case is at no charge, and you are under no-obligation to proceed.

Get the Representation You Deserve

There is no reason you should feel like you are at a disadvantage because you are a father through a divorce. Get the representation you deserve from an attorney who fully understands your rights, and will fight for them. Contact us today for your consultation by calling (315) 488-5544 or fill out our short online contact form.

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