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Can I Request Spousal Support During The Divorce Process?

Sandy is considering the possibility of divorce, but she currently doesn’t work. It’s a daunting decision when you are not the one bringing home the income to support the family. She is aware that she will most likely be the sole caregiver of the children, but how can she support them if she isn’t working? Sandy’s question is “Can I request spousal support during the divorce process?”

We live in a world where a family must budget to live. This process doesn’t change for anyone who is in the process of a divorce. While you may choose to live in separate homes, you still have to pay bills and feed your children. In a divorce situation, one spouse may not be able to financially stand alone. In some cases before the divorce is final, one spouse can get temporary spousal support from their other spouse.

What Is Temporary Spousal Support? 

Temporary spousal support is money paid to you during the divorce process by your ex-spouse in order to maintain the same status of living as during the marriage. This is requested through the court and is determined by the judge depending on your local laws and a few deciding factors. Generally, the court will look at each spouse’s financial situation, the recipients’ need for support, and the ability of the other to pay support to the one in need. The judge wants to be sure there is a real need for support and that by paying the support the other spouse will not be left without the ability to pay for necessities. Additionally, in making the decision the judge may consider a couple more factors such as: who was at fault for the divorce, your ages and health, as well as education and employment history.

Contact An Experience Legal Representative

The good news is there is an avenue for you to receive spousal support during the divorce process. As always having the support of a great Family Law Attorney is going to ensure you have the proper documentation you need to present to the judge. At Bombardo Law Office, P.C. we have over 20 years’ experience in helping family’s through the process of divorce and family law. We would love to arrange a free consultation and meet with you to discuss your concerns and options. Call me at 315.488.5544 or contact the Bombardo Law Office, P.C. online

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