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What You Need to Know About Health Insurance and Child Support in New York

New York state has published general child support guidelines, which can be used as a starting point to determine how much child support a parent owes or will be owed to them. The guidelines are very helpful for approximating child support obligations.

That being said, child support calculations are complex. There are many different financial factors that can impact a child support award. One prominent example includes health insurance and child medical expenses. Here, our experienced Syracuse child support lawyer explains the basics of health insurance and child support in New York State. 

Child Support: Medical Costs are a Basic, Required Benefit

Many different factors go into determining the value of a child support award. Most notably, the financial means of the parent who is paying child support will have a large impact on how much they will be required to pay. Though, many other factors will contribute to assessing the award as well. New York law compels parents to provide enough resources to meet a child’s “basic needs” in accordance with their financial ability to do so. Healthcare costs, including providing insurance coverage, are considered to be a basic need for child. As such, parents with the sufficient financial means must ensure that their child’s basic medical costs are covered.

Health Insurance is Complex: Proper Planning is a Must

Central New York residents get their health insurance coverage in many different ways; some get it from an employer sponsored plan, others from the ACA exchanges and still other from Medicaid. When parents are determining how to cover their children, they need to take a very close look at all of their available options. For instance, one parent may be able to get their child onto their employer’s health insurance, thereby saving both parents money, which of course can be used in other areas. Alternatively, state or federal medical subsidies may be available for your children. As the health insurance market is incredibly complicated, it is critically important that parents find the best option for their unique situation, and then structure a child support arrangement that provides the greatest overall benefit.

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