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Pet Custody Claim Shows that Divorce Claims Do Not Have to Be Typical

While each and every divorce is different, with different people and their unique interests that are unmatched by anyone else, divorce law divides all of these different interests into only a few separate categories, like property distribution, alimony, or child support and custody.

However, just because there are not many different parts in a divorce proceeding does not mean that there are not enough opportunities to pursue the specific interests that you have over the course of a divorce. Instead, a divorce case offers plenty of different opportunities to get what you want. The ongoing divorce between singers Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams provides an excellent example of this.

Pet Custody One of the Ongoing Issues in Celebrity Divorce

Singer songwriters Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams got married in March, 2009, but Moore officially filed for divorce in January, 2015. At the time of their divorce, the couple had no children, but did have no fewer than six cats and a pair of dogs.

In a December filing related to the ongoing divorce proceeding, Moore claims that, while Adams had promised to take in two of the cats, he still has not followed through. Claiming that Adams’ monthly income of $151,000 made him more able to take care of the animals, Moore stated that Adams should take four the pets immediately, and pay her $37,000 in spousal support per month until the divorce is finalized.

There Is Ample Room in a Divorce Case to Fight for What You Need

As shown by the Moore and Adams divorce case, family law and legal separations are highly structured, but not overly so: There is plenty of room to try to get what you want or need in a divorce proceeding.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys Can Help

Having an experienced family law or divorce attorney like those at the Bombardo Law Office, P.C. can be the best way to get you what you most want in a divorce proceeding. With years of experience representing clients in and around the Syracuse, New York area, the Bombardo Law Office, P.C. has developed a reputation for finding ways to get to the end of a divorce in a way that is satisfying to you.

Contact our law office at (315) 488-5544 or online to start talking about your options with our attorneys. Our focus is, and always will be, on you throughout this trying and emotional time of your life.

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