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How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation in New York

The vast majority of divorce cases never go to trial. In fact, according to a report from CBS News, 95 percent of all divorces are settled outside of a traditional courtroom setting. There are many different ways to reach a divorce settlement. For many New York couples, divorce mediation is the ideal method to resolve their dispute

Mediation is a fully voluntary legal process that emphasizes collaboration. As divorcing couples often have many aligned interests, this type of process can be extremely helpful. Of course, divorce mediation still takes work. To get the most out of your divorce mediation, you need to be fully prepared for the process. In this post, our Syracuse family law team has put a list of four tips that you should keep in mind when preparing for your divorce mediation.

Four Tips to Help You Get Ready for Divorce Mediation

  1. Know What You Want

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in divorce mediation is losing sight of their goals. Before you enter the mediation, you need to decide exactly what you want to get out of the process. Without that mental clarity, it is going to be difficult to make much progress. Every issue related to your marriage must be considered, from your children and your finances to your house and even your pets. You need to figure out what is important to you.

  1. Be Ready to Make Some Compromises

With very few exceptions, couples generally have to make some compromises during their divorce mediation. Along with deciding on goals, you should also figure out some areas where you are willing to make a compromise. These areas are your settlement points; they give you the opportunity to reach a resolution on some issues in order to create trust and build some momentum towards overall settlement.

  1. Do Not Be Afraid to Walk Away

You should always remember that mediation is a fully voluntary process. At any point, you can walk away from the table and find an alternative method to resolve your divorce. You should not agree to an unfavorable and unfair settlement offer just to get the divorce process over with. Your rights should never be allowed to take a back seat to the interests of your spouse.

  1. Work With a Syracuse Divorce Lawyer

Finally, it is always best to go into divorce mediation with qualified legal representation by your side. At the Bombardo Law Office, P.C., we have extensive experience representing clients during divorce mediation. To find out more about how we can assist you, please do call us today at (315) 488 5544 or reach out to us directly through our website. We will review your case for free and help you assess your rights and legal options.

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