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How Social Media Posts Can Affect Your New York Family Law Case

If you are like most New Yorkers, you probably have at least a few active social media accounts. According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, approximately seven in ten people say that they use social medical on a regular basis. This is not surprising; social media can be a great way to share important parts of your life with your close friends and family members.

Yet, there are some potential downside to using social media as well. For example, if you are currently involved in a family law dispute, social media posts can come back to haunt you. Here, our experienced Syracuse family law attorneys highlight three ways in which social media posts can adversely impact your family law case.

  1. A Social Media Post Can Be Used As Evidence in Court

First and foremost, everyone should understand that a social media post can be admitted as evidence into family law court proceedings. Did you set your account to private? It does not matter. Those posts can still potentially be obtained through discovery, and, depending on the content, they may be used against you in your family law case.

  1. Social Media Activity Might Violate a Protective Order

If there is a protective order in your case, a social media post could potentially violate that order. If the judge has ordered one person to stop contacting another, social media contact would violate that order. Social media contact is no different than calling someone on the phone. Further, posting about a person on social media can also sometimes be considered a form of harassment that is in violation of a protective order.

  1. Social Posts Can Be Used in Financial Disputes

If you are involved in any type of financial dispute, be it property division, alimony or child support, any social media post that implicates your finances could potentially be used against you by your former partner. You should refrain from posting anything that even suggests that you are spending or earning a lot of money. This means no posts about expensive restaurant meals or pictures from a vacation. The last thing you want to do is to give the other side “evidence” that they can use against you in your case.

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