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Study Finds Which Professions Marry Which Professions

There is an old saying that you cannot predict love. However, a recent study took a close look at the figures and data in the United States Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey, and are making a case that, maybe, you can. The study looked closely at the occupations that the census respondents listed, and also the occupation they listed for their spouse. The results were surprising and interesting to more than just a family law attorney.

Big Trends in the Data

There were a handful of wide-reaching trends that the survey unearthed. According to the data, women with high-paying jobs – like chief executive officer or lawyers – tended to marry men with similar jobs. However, men with high paying jobs were more willing to marry women with lower-paying jobs.

Another overarching theme to the numbers is that couples often work in the same job role in their professional lives. While this was exceptionally common in certain circumstances – actors showed a strong preference for other actors, and farmers for other farmers, for example – it was a general theme that both spouses tended to work in the same field.

Implications for Divorce and Family Law

While the study is a fun one to play around with – both out of curiosity sake or for single people looking for a sign – it also provides important insight into how family law and divorces can become complicated.

Unfortunately, when spouses work in the same professional field, if they do decide to split up in a divorce then they will often still have to deal with each other on a frequent basis. This can make the divorce process difficult because neither spouse can find the separation that they need in order to think things through and decide how best to make the split final.

Another, perhaps overlooked, aspect of these numbers is that, when both spouses are in the same field of work, drastic changes in the professional landscape can be catastrophic for the family. For example, the study found that female bus drivers were most often married to male truck drivers. With the imminent invention of the self-driving car, both spouses might soon find themselves in a dying profession, which could financially strain their family.

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