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Domestic Violence in New York During COVID-19

Domestic Violence in New York During COVID-19 COVID-19 has created a lot of new challenges. In some cases, those challenges have forced us to get more creative about how we connect and share with one another—which can be a great thing. It has also made some problems a lot worse. Domestic violence is one of…
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How Can an Unmarried Father Prove Paternity to Get Custody in New York?

How Can an Unmarried Father Prove Paternity to Get Custody in New York? When a child is born to unmarried parents, there is no legal father unless paternity is established. Until that is done, the father has no legal rights or obligations concerning the child. He cannot be required to pay child support. He also…
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Fathers Have Equal Rights in Syracuse

Fathers Have Equal Rights in Syracuse If your only experience with divorce is that of your parents or a relative, it may be easy to develop some misperceptions about the process. The divorce and child custody process, after all, has changed through the years. For example, one of the biggest misconceptions is that in a…
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Choose A Better Divorce

Even though the stress and confinement associated with Covid-19, we know in our hearts, these days will pass. Among the casualties of the pandemic are many relationships that have continued to crack under the pressure of our adjusted lives. Almost daily there are news reports of celebrity breakups amidst the pandemic and many are predicting…
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How COVID-19 Can Affect Child Custody

For many people, COVID-19 has impacted virtually every aspect of their life. For parents who share custody, it may have an impact on how often they can see their children as well. Fear and confusion may affect how parents handle shared parenting time. However, a pandemic generally should not affect whether someone gets to see…
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Child Support in Syracuse New York

Most are aware that about half of all first marriages end in a divorce. What many may not realize is that the statistics get even higher in second and third marriages. In second marriages, the divorce rate climbs to 67%, and steps up again in third marriages to about 74%. Some speculate the reason for…
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Equitable Distribution

When married couples divorce in New York, the assets they mutually own are divided according to the principle of equitable distribution. The court will approve an agreement if it was fair and reasonable at the time it was signed and is not now unconscionable at the time it is presented to the court. The spouses…
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How to Obtain a Domestic Violence Protection Order in New York

Living with someone who is violent or threatens violence towards you, your children, your pets, or another member of the household can be extremely upsetting, terrifying, and may even be dangerous to your physical safety and wellbeing. For victims of domestic violence, the threat of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders have only exacerbated fear, as many…
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