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I had always tried to work custody issues out with my ex without court. I had retained Richard and filed paperwork but was foolishly led to mediation by my ex against the advisement of Mr. Bombardo. A few months later it turned out to be a huge mistake and my daughter was in immense danger. I immediately called Richard and we filed new paperwork. He heard me in a world full of resentful exes how hard I tried. He fought for the safety and future of my daughter when it seemed like the judge and child's lawyer couldn't see through the lies from the other side. Richard's persistence and dedication to protecting an innocent child is what saved my daughter from a lifetime of seeing drugs and all the devastation that came with it. Most of the time I called or texted I was met with an immediate response if not it was returned within a day. We always talked the day or two before court so I knew what to expect and after court he would advise me on where we were going to go next. During the scariest time of my life I'm glad I had someone there to reasurre and regroup when curve balls were thrown. It was definitely because of Richard's services that we won sole custody which seemed like an impossible effort. My daughter is now safe, well adjusted , and loving life and I owe my peace of mind to him


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