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What Is Alimony?

When a couple divorces, there are a number of issues they will have to address. One such issue that the couple will need to reach an agreement on is whether or not alimony, also known as spousal maintenance, will be a part of the divorce settlement. Here’s what you should know:

What Is Alimony?

Alimony, maintenance, and spousal support all refer to the same thing: a payment or series of payments made from the financially independent spouse to the financially dependent spouse. In order to determine whether or not one spouse should be awarded maintenance, the court will consider the standard of living that was established during the marriage, and whether or not a spouse does not have the reasonable means to meet that standard, and if not, the other spouse does have the means to help the other spouse meet the standard.

How Much Alimony Will I Get?

Assuming that alimony is appropriate in your case, how much you will receive (or how much you will be ordered to pay, depending upon your situation) is dependent upon:

  • Income;
  • Property;’
  • How long the marriage lasted;
  • The earning capacity of each party;
  • Ability for the maintenance-seeking party to support themselves in the future;
  • The needs of any children;
  • Age;
  • Distribution of marital property;
  • Whether one spouse’s actions inhibited the other from achieving employment or education; and
  • Other factors the court finds relevant, as described by the New York City Bar.

How Long Will Maintenance Last?

Maintenance will last for a time period that is “durational,” which means a specific period of time, or that is “nondurational,” which means that it will last throughout the course of parties’ lifetimes. The former is more common; it is rare for a court to award a maintenance order that does not have a specific date of termination.

Why Working with a Syracuse Maintenance Attorney Is Important

If you are going through a divorce, understanding your rights to spousal maintenance is important. Receiving a maintenance award could provide you with the much-needed financial support you need as you navigate life after divorce. Further, working with an attorney could also protect you from being ordered to pay an unreasonably large amount of maintenance if you are the financially independent spouse.

At the Bombardo Law Office, P.C., our talented Syracuse alimony lawyers have the experience and skillset you’re looking for. When you and your spouse are working to resolve issues in your divorce, including that of alimony, we can represent your best interests. Please contact us today for your consultation.

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